Advantages of Purchasing a Manufactured Home in a Florida Retirement Community

Many senior citizens have discovered over the years that manufactured homes are not only comfortable, but are also a very practical alternative to apartments, condominiums and other planned retirement communities. There are numerous advantages of purchasing a manufactured home in a Florida retirement community which has guided this shift over the years. 

The financial savings emanating from living in a manufactured home are also quite significant; in Florida, the price of a manufactured home is usually half that of a comparable traditional house. Also, energy and maintenance costs, as well as taxes are also much lower, thus allowing retirees to stretch their budgets further.

Manufactured homes also tend to offer a much greater level of privacy with their own driveway. And unlike apartments and condos, manufactured homes don’t have shared walls or roofs. This allows homeowners to enjoy the freedom of independent living in a Florida retirement community.

With new technological developments, current manufactured homes offer a very high level of luxury. They have well thought out floor plans, high quality d├ęcor, energy-efficient appliances and world-class construction. Current manufactured homes are not only of superior quality but are also built with senior citizens in mind.

Purchasing a manufactured home in a Florida retirement community is also more affordable and if the lot is on leased land homeowners pay zero property taxes. Homeowners typically pay a small monthly lot rent and/or an association fee to help defray the cost of maintaining the shared amenities, such as a community pool, lawn mowing and keeping the community clean. 

In Florida, most of these communities offer homes for sale with a one year home warranty which covers central air and heat, plumbing and electrical fixtures, to name a few. Of all manufactured home advantages out there, the safety of these homes is by far one of the most important factors for many retirees. Unlike in the past, it is now compulsory for all manufactured homes to conform to the same Federal standards and HUD codes of site-built or traditional homes. This means that a manufactured home is just as safe, if not safer than comparable traditional homes.

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